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Frequently Asked Questions

Under what licenses is CppCMS offered?

CppCMS is offered under free and open source license LGPLv3 and under Commercial license that allows you to develop fully closed source software.

Are there any difference between CppCMS under commercial and open source licenses?

Under both licenses you receive exactly the same code, however the terms of use are very different.

What are the benefits of using commercial license?

Even though, LGPLv3 is considered "closed source" friendly license it puts multiple restrictions on the use of the source code. Basically When you redistribute your software you must provide the source code of the CppCMS framework and provide tools to the user to do such changes in the code, including:

So if you want to fully protect your proprietary secrets and/or prevent from your users to make changes in your software you should use the commercial license

If you are not sure that you can fully comply with LGPLv3 requirements you should use the commercial license. You will always be able to switch to open-source license later, but you can't do it the other way around.

Can I switch from LGPL to the commercial CppCMS license

No, there is an explicit restriction (p 3.1) that prevents from you to switch from the open source license to the commercial one. If you have doubts whether you can comply with LGPLv3 restrictions you should purchase a commercial license

I had developed my application using the CppCMS license under LGPL before the commercial license was available. Can I switch to the commercial license?

Please, contact us.

How can I receive a support?

As all CppCMS users you can receive a support on our CppCMS users mailing list. You can report bugs or request features using our bug tracking system.

If you have some specific high priority requests for some new features, training or fixing some important for you bugs, you can contact us and we will discuss the appropriate options and fees.


CppCMS is a web development framework for performance demanding applications.

It enables improvement of over an order of magnitude in performance, hardware real estate requirements and power consumption for a typical industrial web site.

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